Friday, April 22, 2011

Shaklee Independent Distributor

In August Shaklee Corporate implemented some cool changes Independent Distributors like me can benefit from. All I have to do is fill in the template pages for my updated site. Working on it now. Will probably edit every couple of days until I get it right. But take a look. I'm proud of my relationship with Shaklee. Shaklee Independent Distributor

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Gratefulness Solution

I've been feeling a lot of stress lately. Seems like I'm letting things get to me more, seeing but not following the path to relaxation or relief. With my shoulder healing and the weather improving I'm thinking that getting outdoors to mow will help. Resuming my yoga will no doubt help, too.

I have all these solutions, but moving them from my head to make them work successfully in body and soul is a challenge.

One thing new I've been trying is "walking" an online labyrinth called Gratefulness Labyrinth. Only problem is that I zip right through it without resting, without meditating, without silence. It's a really beautiful, peaceful, and paced walk, the rhythm and splendor of which I acknowledge but ignore as I hurry on. I use the excuse that it takes too long. But that's exactly the point, isn't it? It is supposed to take a while.

Moving from the world of turmoil to the world of gratefulness requires transformation, not translocation. The lesson of this labyrinth is that gratitude transforms, and transformation takes time.

To Life.!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being "Intensity-Challenged"

Right now I have too much going on in my life and I'm getting low on patience, energy and concentration. A vacation will help. But the reality is that vacation relief is just temporary and I can't always take one when I need it.

I was talking to Barb yesterday. She's planning on quitting smoking May 1st. I remember when I quit in '77. Such a confidence crisis I had for several months. I finally figured out why. It was because after I quit smoking I no longer had a convenient way to step back from whatever was going on in me or around me.

Without a timely smoke screen, aka cigarette break, I found myself being overwhelmed by intensity. For me, not smoking was like watching a movie. No commercials, just intensity. I generally don't like movies, simply for that reason.

So, beginning today I'm looking at all my habits and questioning them in relation to feelings of intensity. Do I snack, change channels, get a drink, excuse myself from a conversation, etc because I'm "intensity challenged"?

All through school I was described as an under-achiever. I knew I could do better, everybody did. I just couldn't stay at it. My parents and teachers told me all I had to do was to "apply myself." Do you know how hard that is? Intensity makes my brain hurt. And when that happens, it is time to do something else for a while.

Any suggestions anyone? What "something else" can I do when I need to take a break from intensity? Snacking is only making me fat and more uncomfortable.

I'm thinking that maybe some little physical thing, or breathing thing, maybe. Help! I can't think anymore. Gotta take a break. Bye.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Youth Lobby Day

Global Warming 101 has a great vid about the wisdom of youth. Watch it.

To Life.!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Trust Is in God

Who can you trust these days? The government? Your doctor? An employer? The bank? The church? A relative? The repairman?

And who will you entrust with your health? your possessions? your life?

As for me, my trust is in God.

Here's how The Platters, Elvis, Lynn Anderson and a whole generation of youthful believers said that, way back when, in simpler times. I was one of them, and I still believe.

Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
By puttin' your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee.

To Life.!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red Letter Christians

I've appreciated the ministry of Tony Compolo for a long time. Jesus is central to him, to me. Now I read that Tony defines himself as a Red Letter Christian. What a cool concept.

I guess maybe I'm a Red Letter Christian. Or, maybe not, since I tend to avoid politics. I'd rather develop people to carry out the mission of Jesus.

Maybe I'm doing that. As Diane was leaving church today, since I mentioned Red Letter Christians in my message, she commented that she thought that she was a Red Letter Christian too and thanked me for the tag.

As I think about Diane, just beginning the process to become an ordained United Methodist minister, I am rethinking the Red Letter message. I once thought Christianity was about being the "Called Church." But now I think it's about being the "Sent Church." What do you think?

The youth are leaving on their mission trip Thursday. Going to 9/11 Memorial in New York City, then the Holocast Museum in DC. I hope they will come home even more missional than they already are.

Just a note: our rural county, having raised the $17,000 necessary, packaged 76,000 meals in 4 hours Saturday for Kids Against Hunger. Maybe 200 people helped, 20 from our church. The meals consist of dry soy, dry vegetables, vitamins and rice, and were packaged in sealed plastic bags to be shipped to Tanzania. Each meal feeds 4 people. Our youth were there. Missional, yes. Red Letter? We're working on that.

To Life.!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Totem - The Beginning

Spiritual Energy Class. I had never heard of such a thing, so just had to enroll when I learned of a nearby opportunity. I'm learning about Chakras, dream psychology, spirituality, and me. Yep! its great.

Got a paper the other day on creating one's own individual totem, the animals arranged from bottom to top, each charistically representative of one stage of a person's development moving from birth to full maturity.

Stages of development, get it? (Erickson, Maslow, Chakra, etc)

The paper suggested a person take a month or so each in the discovery of which animal best represents each stage of one's self development.

Could be interesting. Don't know how far I'll get, but I definitely know that The Blue Heron is representative of my basic grounding. How so?

I told the story of The Blue Heron in an earlier post. That beautiful creature represents to me:

1. my grounding in God from day #1 (thanks Mom & Dad and so many more)
2. God's abundant providence, care, and provision for me every day of my life
3. the unbelievable invitation from the King of Glory extended to me to make His purpose my purpose
4. God's assurance that I Am Worthy

The Blue Heron is the base on which I will construct my chakra totem. I'm smiling here, feeling good. And any who know me and my story will agree that well I should be. Dale has no other place to begin than with The Blue Heron.

So I wonder what's next. Red, of course, and the root chakra. But what creature of God's vast kingdom will sit next upon such a fine base as The Blue Heron?

To Life.!